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Facial Plastic Surgery for Fayetteville

Plastic Surgery is divided into two types “Cosmetic” and “Reconstructive.”  Cosmetic surgery is composed of the important surgeries that improve the quality of our lives. These surgeries typically are not covered by insurance policies. Reconstructive surgeries are those that are deemed medically necessary and typically are covered by insurance policies.  In either case it Dr. Deidra Blanks would be happy to care for you. 

In Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics are Crucial

While many surgeons can perform a given procedure, Dr. Blanks has spent years of training to perfect her technique to ensure that your outcome is the best possible.

Unlike most plastic surgeons, Dr. Deidra Blanks is totally focused on facial plastic surgery. Her focus has allowed her to perform more facial surgery and to develop the skills and techniques that others will never develop.  She has that special woman’s perspective and attends to all the subtle nuances of aesthetics.

“Trust Your Face to a Face Doctor